Once Upon a Saturday Afternoon.

Since today is a Saturday, we get to have a free time in the afternoon because our duty is only half day. This would be our second time of having karaoke sessions after. The happiest part of our afternoon is that we get to share it with Nova, our dearest friend. She is assigned at Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital and we missed her a lot.

This is me, Nova and Alyssa.

We met around three in the afternoon because we still have our first Rotational Exam after duty. And then we had a little meeting with my co-interns and we headed directly to my house to eat lunch and changed clothes. 

The songs we sang were Chicksilog, Pasulyap-sulyap, Drowning, Sexy Sexy and etcetera. As I have remembered we sang 11 songs and we had super duper fine. You don't know how much we missed Nova because we've been together for almost two years already in our college life. It was sad when we knew that Nova is assigned to another hospital.

Yehey, me and Nova.

Unfortunately, Nova has to go at around 5:00PM because she still have requirements to finish for her duty. So, Alyssa and I decided to have ice cream at Jollibee's and talked about random things. We also discovered that on this day was Sandurot Festival Parade. We felt so out of place in our own city because we think we are isolated in a hospital.

Great day it is, great day.


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