Bel-Air Residences Lipa: A House, A Home, and A Lot More

Define Your Dream Home.

A house is where you rest your necessities of life and your family at beginning and at the end of the day. It is a four walled infrastructure in your life where most of your personal belongings are placed. A home is something that you can call your "own" in a comfortable matter. It is where you make experiences, set up the smiles, stash the heartaches and keep the memories. It is the suitable word that you can exhale at the end of your exhausting day.

When I was younger, I always flip through home and entertainment magazines and start to imagine and sketch my dream home. A spacious living and kitchen area would be a perfect rendezvous for my friends to stay since we love baking cupcakes and chit chatting under the sun. A small garden beside would be great for inviting neighbours to come over for simple meriendas or even for grilled dinners. Great access to the outside world and secured safety for the family would be the perfect formula for my dream home. However, I never wanted anything grand when it comes to a dream home. A spacious living, fresh and tidy environment and a good access to my contacts on the outside village is already great for me.

Well, I guess all of us has his or her own definition of a dream home and a good home. Sometimes, dream homes are left unwritten on the thin air due to financial crisis and limited budgets and most everyone are stuck with their definition of a good home on its least satisfaction.

With Bel-Air Residences Lipa, everything in this place shall be called your dream home and good home at the same time. This is a 14 hectare residential development that can be found on the great location in Lipa which is one of best cities to reside in the Philippine. It is only one hor from Makati with many top educational institutions and tourist centers.

Breathe with Bel-Air Residences because this reconstitutes the quality of living with exceptional convenience, modern design at its finest and the comfort from a wonderful life. This center is designed so you can effortlessly manage your work, your family and entertainment that can be lured around the place.

It also sets your words of good location in your life:

  • With Bel-Air Residences your friends from Lipa or outside Lipa will easily track you with out longer explanations because your home will be a social center, contact center for everyone in the circle and will be i a better position to be a leader. 

  • You don't need to ride over a taxi, commute through jeepney or waste any gasoline for your car in sending your children to school because the best public and private schools from grade school to college are just walking distance from your home.

  • There's no need to panic for emergency school or office project materials, short time grocery buying or to grab a quick meal because huge establishments are just next to your place.

  • Less worry regarding security of your family even walking late to and from school or Fiesta Mall or SM Lipa. This means you can let your family enjoy late night outs.

  • Owners will enjoy amenities like their own basketball court, a jogging path, a playground for kids, barbeque area, multiple parks, a pool, a lanai, a gazebo and a Club House.

  • Aside from being close to established hospitals like Lipa Medix Medical Center  and Metro Lipa Medical Center, the village is walking distance from major malls such as SM Lipa, Fiesta Mall, South Supermarket etc. Other leisure places like the Mt. Malarayat Golf Course, The Farm at San Benito and famous Batangas dive sites are minutes away also.

Model Home

The concept theme of the Bel-Air Residences are of "MODERN ZEN" which aimed to create vivid clean lines, minimum clutter for a relaxed home environment to widen some good thinking and creativity for family memories. Every design maximizes the liveable areas for a homey and spacious feel with an eye to functionality. Moreover, the pleasure of living is spiced up with a natural light and fresh air circulation.


Lot Area: 55.00 sqm.
Total Floor Area: 88.00 sqm 

What's inside:
■ Two-storey ■ Living Room ■ Dining Room ■ Kitchen ■ 3 Bedrooms ■ Toilet and Bath ■ Den■ Carport ■ Utility Area
Andrea (Duplex)

Lot Area: 88.00  sqm.
Total Floor Area: 86.00 sqm 

What's inside:

 Two-storey Attached  Living Room ■ Dining Room ■ Kitchen  3 Bedrooms  2 Toilet and Bath  Lanai  Porch  Utility Area

Samantha (Single Detached)

Lot Area: 120.00  sqm.
Total Floor Area: 102.00 sqm 

What's inside:

 Two-storey Single Detached  Living Room Dining Room  Kitchen  3 Bedrooms  2 Toilet and Bath  Maid's Room  Lanai  Patio  Porch Carport  Utility Area

Alexandra (Single Detached)

Lot Area: 165.00  sqm.
Total Floor Area: 139.00 sqm 

What's inside:

 Two-storey Single Detached  Living Room Dining Room  Kitchen  3 Bedrooms (Master's Bedroom with Walk-in Closet)  3 Toilet and Bath Family Area  Balcony  Maid's Room  Lanai Carport  Utility Area

Basically, Bel-Air Residences Lipa is A House, A House and A Lot More because this showcase not only a fun for living in a luxurious way but an experience that you could ever treasure in your life for your friends and family.  

Breathe now with Bel-Air Residences!

Visit their site for more information:

Credits to Nuffnang and Bel-Air Residences. Crossing fingers for a great trip to Boracay. Thank you.

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