Advance Happy Birthday Donabella! =)

Dona promised us that she'll invite us for lunch at their place. We already had plans before but it was always cancelled due to overflowing exams and hectic schedules in school. Luckily, this day is pursued by my awesome "kulit" powers. I know I was very "kulit" to Dona about the promised lunch because I have a plan at the back my mind. I remember that she always tell me that she also wants a "Birthday Surprise" even though it is not her birthday. I guess she envies the people whom I surprised on their birthday. Oh well, this is because her birthday is on November 1 and it is All Saint's Day. So this means that no class, no classmates and no surprise by friends. This is why I decided to surprise her on her promised lunch.

I told some of our friends who were invited in the promised lunch. I asked them that we'll contribute a certain amount for a cake and I will be the one to handle the balloons. Thank God, they cooperated with my plan. The call time was 10:30AM-11:00AM, however it was delayed because we still have projects to pass and I still have a Q&A in my Toxicology case. We left around 12:00NN and arrived at Dona's place around 1:00PM. Her place was pretty far since it was located on a mountain.

The surprise was a little fail since she saw Christine holding the balloons as we stepped on their front yard. Good thing I was inside the car lighting up the candles. Dona thought that we will have pictorials in her house because of the balloons but when I started singing "Happy Birthday", she was really surprised. I knew she didn't expect that we would surprise her because I never said anything about it and it was not obvious. 

She was really happy about it and I was glad that she liked it though we only have balloons and a cake. We dug in for lunch right after we did the surprise because we were really hungry. We had chicken, pork, mangoes, ice cream and soft drinks. Happy tummy is happy!

This is Frances, Alyssa and Christine.

Me and Jonah.

Now talk about the pig syndrome or the baboy syndrome. After we ate, Dona toured Clem and Christine around her house while Alyssa and I were chilling in their living room.

And then we went out for a walk. Hello, sunshine!

Down their place is a flowing river from the upper part of the mountain and there were huge rocks that you can find due to the flood last Sendong. 

This is Carl, doing an epic pose. He was jumping until his lower legs sank under the soft sand of the river.

We spent most of the time chit chatting and throwing rocks on the river. Jonah and Bater were absent because they just stayed inside the house to sleep.

"Better late than never" 
Bea came late because she has to be in Amlan in the morning for family matters. Nevertheless, she is still part of the surprise because she also contributed for the cake.

This is a great great day for us, though I need to go back to Dumaguete at around 3:00PM because I need to pass my project in my course. I hope Dona liked the surprise we did for her.

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