10|15|12: Happy Birthday Alyssa and Triple Celebration.

This is Alyssa, one of my closest friends since highschool and yesterday was her birthday. Unlike Seth and Jhunalee, I didn't bought her cake or a cupcake or a balloon but I bought her an acid-free sketch pad and a dermatograph pencil. She's really good in sketching and in making doodles. 

Yesterday also, we had a triple celebration for the October babies, Seth and Jhunalee. We went to K-Pura Vida or Kilid sa Pura Vida. It wasn't a resort but a beach beside a resort. We liked it there because it's free except for the parking fee where we have to pay 50 for each vehicle.

These are some of the peopel who joined us with our triple celebration. We had drinks, junkies, fruits and grilled fish for our food. The beach was great and so was the gang.

The grilled fish was great. We were like lost survivors in the island.

I think I just ruined the photo. Well, blame it to the mango which I was eating. It was tasty!

Before we went home, we had a group picture as a remembrance of a very beautiful day we have spent together. In the photo from the left, Carl, Alyssa, Me, Jonah, Bater, Chistine, Joshua, Jhuny, Bea, Clem, Dona, Seth, Nova, Earl and Whelan. Great friends, great bonding.

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