10|11|12: Happy Birthday Seth!

So this is my bestfriend, driver and brother-from-another-mother. Most of the people think that he is my boyfriend which is absolutely not. We have known each other since elementary,that’s why we get along with each other a lot. 
He always drive me home to school because we are on the same route. He knows my secrets and he knows my real attitude. I also know his attitude except his secrets because he knows that I can tell it to my close girl friends. Haha. Nevertheless, we’re still tight despite the flaws we have. And because of that flaws, we know that it is very impossible to end up together. 

On his very birthday, I bought a mini-cake for him in repay of his goodness that he has brought to me. Of course, I had my accomplice in surprising him after our dreadful exam and these were Dona and Bea. It was just a simple birthday surprise for him on that day. 

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