10|08|12: Advance Happy Birthday Jhunny!

I know this is going to be a very late update but this is one of the great things happened during our finals week. Supposedly, Jhunny's birthday was on the the next day (10|09|12), however I surprised for an advance birthday greeting. We spent more than three hours in the coffeeshop to study and decided that we will have our dinner on the said place. So, I told her that I will be going to Lee Plaze to buy highlighter and a pen. But the real plan was that I will buy three balloons and a candle and a cupcake. Before we went home, I surprised her with these. Sweet! =) I like surprising my friends with my little plans.

These are our study buddies in the coffeeshop. Geni and Jen-Jen. They also greeted Jhunny a Happy Birthday in advance.

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