10| 27 | 12: Pinning Ceremony of ICLS Interns

Hi, I am Marica M. Pidor and finally I am proud to say I am an intern of Institute Clinical Laboratory Science, Silliman University. You can't imagine how happy I am to embrace the word "intern" since I was struggling in my first semester. My status was "on probation" or OP since my QPA didn't reach 2.5 in my second semester of my third year life. Nevertheless, I worked my ass out and prayed hard and thank God for answering my prayer. 

The Pinning Ceremony was held at Silliman Church. We only had a day to practice for this event and only us, the students worked for the practice. There was no single faculty who facilitated us during the rehearsal because they were all busy computing for grades and minimizing the number students who can't go internship.  Sad to say, there were three of us who didn't make it. I know the teachers did their best to save them. Moreover, I am so proud of ourselves that we were able to made the flow of the ceremony fine even though it started late. I am so happy that all of us cooperated in the said event.

What made me even more happy is to have my parents on the stage because all I ever wanted is to be proud of me. I am glad that we are complete in the picture because Daddy doesn't usually go on stage on these kinds of events. 

After the pinning session, we also had candle lighting and then we sang our Pinning Song which was "I was here" by Lady Antebellum. The songs fits the ceremony since we want to leave our footprints in the halls of Silliman University.

Grandma and my sister was also present during this event. I really love occasions like this because we are all complete. I miss my grandma so much even though I am not the type of person who isn't much showy of affection, I miss her.

With the Duscian buddies. Alyssa, Carl, Nova and Me.

This is At-At. No, this is not his first name, this is actually his last name. I always have a picture with him at any school activity.

This is my Bloodbanking and ImmunoSero Laboratory teacher. The only teacher I have a picture with.

I wasn't really confident showing or posting my pin in facebook after we got this during our Community Service. It was because of my OP status but now I am finally and intern, I am very well proud of it. 

I will not stop rejoicing and thanking the Lord God for the blessings that He has given to me because prayers do work at all times. Again, congratulation to all of the interns.

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