Yesterday, September 22, 2012, we made a little surprise for our dear friend, Jonahmae. She's my classmate since highschool, so we have known each other pretty well. First thing in the morning, I made a greeting on a neon pink cartolina and plastered it on the over pass near Silliman Highschool. And then, I wrote cheesy quotes on a sticky note and sticked it on her car. Unfortunately, these two little surprises for her have no photo. And this third little surprise was by your truly, Dona, Bater, Busme and Alyssa. We gathered our smallest amount to buy a cake and a candle for her.

After, Jonah invited us for a pizza at Albertos. This photos were taken while waiting for our pizza to be served. However, Jonah's relatives also made a surprise for her in their place. So, we end up at Jonah's house. We took the pizza and went to their house. It was such a massive foodtrip on that day. Ice cream, cakes, lechon and everything nice. It was awesome.

At night, Jonah and I went out with Regine and two of her cousins. We went to the restobar where we usually go. We had a drink, roadtrip and cards for that night. The most unforgettable was when we sat on top of Jonah's car while Ate Weng was the one driving. It was a terrific ride for that night.

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