Portal Pictorial.

I got two appointments yesterday. First was our long exam in ImmunoSero which is all about Hepatitis and then Portal Pictorial in the afternoon. My classmates and I planned to have our hair and face done by my neighbour Kuya Freddy. So, this was me. Plain and raw with my outfit which I don't think it looks good on me. I just planned how I look on the day before.

Then is how we look after the make up session with Kuya Freddy. I look fine in here. But for sure, my photos in the portal are wacky. Crazy me.

I don't have plenty of photos from yesterday because it is hard clicking and clicking using my phone camera. Moreover, I still have the fear of not marching for the graduation because of my on probation status. I don't want to feel the atmosphere so much because I am afraid. This is me and Ellen. You can see my awkward smile in there.

And my guy bestfriend who always act weird on all cameras. I wonder how he posed inside the studio.

Probably, this is the most decent photo I can have from yesterday. But with my shots  in the studio was superb wacky. I exposed my one and only dimple on my left cheek and that was crazy. I guess, I would be looking the same from my highschool portal. Oh my gosh Marica, you are a fail. Plus my casual photo was really wacky. Haha.

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