Meet my study out buddy, Jhunalee. We've been together through thick and thin of our study out journey. Our first study out was at Kofficino because it was near my place. We usually end at around 12 midnight because our class on the following day is 7 AM and we need sleep because I believe sleep is a weapon.

However, we changed place for a study out. This time we are "The Bean Connection" all nighters because I love their cappuccino and espresso and fries and french toasts.

I think this was our first time to study out at Bean.

And this is our favorite all nighter shot.

This one is at Country Bakers. Studying for a comprehensive exam in Microscopy.

Studying with Jhunny is fun. We don't talk a lot and we frequently ask questions to each other to keep up a review. Haha. And I think next week is going to be a study out week since our finals is fast approaching. 

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