Happy Birthday Eiffel Tower! =)

So, this is Eiffel. She is my classmate since elementary up to college. Well not really classmates on the straight *toolazytocounthowmanyyears* from highschool up to college because we were assigned on different sections. Moving on, I could never forget her birthday because it is the same birthday of my first crush in elementary and 25 is an easy number to remember because my favorite multiplication equation is 5 x 5 = 25. Haha.

Another trivia about our friendship is that she was the first classmate who said "Hi" on my first day in Science Elementary School. I was a transferee when I turned grade three because I kept on crying when I was in CCSLS. 

I did this mini surprise inside the guidance office because she doesn't want to be exposed about her birthday but I know that she loves surprises. Every girl wants a surprise, y'know. I bought her a mini-cake from Chantily and a candle for her to blow off. I hope she is very happy on my mini surprise.

The other girl in the picture is my blockmate, Bea. We call each other "sister" because of the similarity of our nose.

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