Reviving thy blogspot.

I was about to delete this account but then suddenly, it made me think that this can be a better escape for me from the real world. I thought of having Tumblr as my forever blog account because most of my happenings are written in there. However, the place became too mainstream and it is crowded by KPOP fanatics, 1Direction photos and Beliebers. And oh yeah, the place was almost a porn site. Too much naked gif and posts.

My very last post was about my 19th Birthday and few months from now, I will turn 20. So, it's almost a month I haven't updated my blogspot account. 

Before the New Year's Eve, I had my hair curl.

Oh, this was only enhanced by an electric curler because I was attending a highschool reunion party.

And this is how my hair looked if it was not enhanced by an electric curler. People thought that it was my natural hair. I liked my long curly hair but when Summer came, I decided to cut those curls because it was very very hot.


So, this is how my hair looks like right now. I thought it wouldn't fit for my face because I believe that I have a big big face. Plus, my hair won't cooperate with me all the time.

However, there are times I try to convince myself to have a very very short hair. Hahah. I don't know if it would really really fit me. Hahah.

I know It's crazy that I am posting about the evolution of my hair now rather than pointing out why I am reviving my blogspot.

Oh yea, another reason why I am reviving this is that I am going to post some things that I can't afford to post in my Tumblr. Y'know, some of my classmates are following me there and they would discover how emotional I am when it comes to some certain thinsg. 

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