It is time to say goodbye.

So I've been in this one way relationship since the beginning of the year. I knew someone online and I tell you he really looks good. However, he is from an another country with different race like mine. The good thing was that we have the same time zone which is easier for us to communicate. The bad thing was he is always with his friends. He loves to go out, swim and travel to other countries.

I started to think differently about us. It was too late for me to realize that I was already falling in love with him. I wait 'till dawn to catch him online, I print screen our moments and save them in my files. I share to my friends about him with my giggling laugh and I started to think about our future. I know I sound pathetic but this is me if I fall in love. Yes, I know, I fall easily and I fall hard.

Last night, I decided to stop all of these. I want to say good bye on everything. 

I posted a status regarding how I feel.

For me there are still chances, I believe. I can't explain what it is but whenever we chat, I could feel something. I know I will miss him but this is good for me. No attachments, no expectations, no regrets and no pain.

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