Exploring Foundation University

Foundation University is known as the High Technology University in Dumaguete City since it requires the student in elementary and highschool to have an iPAD for learning purposes. [for more information about the iPAD Program of FU] Moreover, this is a 62-year old private non-sectarian university which was founded by Dr. Vicente Guzman-Sinco, a former president of the University of the Philippines and an alumnus in Silliman University.

I am not really knowledgeable with their place since I study in Silliman University. But this is their Social Garden where you can find pretty water lilies. My mother is a professor in this university under the department of Hospitality Management. Recently, she teaches Commercial Cooking for Summer. This is the reason why I always go to Foundation University during lunch break for free meal since it is always charged in my mother’s salary.

Honestly, I don’t know what does this place called. But one thing I can sure of is that they light fire on this face during the opening of their Founder’s Day.

This is infront of Sofia Soler. It is the place where programs are usually hold like recitals, frolics, pageants, mini-concerts, graduations and other else.

I was with my sister during this day.

This was inside the Food Laboratory or their kitchen. The place where my mom is teaching. On the second picture, mom was taking pictures of her students with their cooked food for their documentation. 

And this was my favorite food I’ve tasted from my mommy’s students. I tell you this is very delicious, shrimps and mashed potatoes. 
More information about Foundation University. [click here]

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