Medical Technology Color Splash Acquaintance Party 2011.

July 2, 2011 at Convention Center. The date and place to be remembered. It was a blast and such a stress free party for all the Medical Technology students of Silliman University. I didn't thought that it would be fun despite the food which was not a five star score for me. Nevertheless, it I give a rate of 9.5 for the said event. 

My face during the party. This photo was taken by Seth using Eiffel's camera.

Jona and I fooling around while waiting for the program to start. We were very hungry that time.

The CBF girls: Nova, Abigail, Dona, Giel, and Me. :)
We look like the girls of Sex and The City =)

Carl, Me, Jona and Dona. 

Because it was too cold inside and we were bored, we went outside and took photos.

And yeah, Prime Machine of Dumaguete City performed during the party. They were great. :)

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